The Estate

- Our Spirit -

In our familly, the culture of wine is a tradition which is perpetuated from generation to generation. So it's with passion an patience that our father knew how to transmit their love for the vineyards and their knowledge. 

We are the owners but we fell more like if the vine posses us. Spring, summer, fall, winter, the seasons are giving our pace of work. We must take care of every piece of vine all along the growth to permit it to give the best quality grappes as possible.

The modest size of our estate enable us to control and every single step of the production process, from the vineyards plantation to the bottles commercialisation.

Since the early beginning of his establishment, Eric started to modernize his equipment with a lot of investments. Renovation, expansion, insulation of the building, thermoregulated vats, pneumatic press, transport and reception of harvest, botlling device, tillage tools...

The aim is to obtain the most qualitative and respectful elaboration but also for a better working comfort.

" Maintain a balance betwenn inovation and conservation of Burgundy traditions "

It's in Nantoux, a rolling countryside village, that our cellar is localisated. We receive private and professionnal to share our passion and to make our wines taste, this wines are the completion of all our labor.

- A Family Sorry -

It's during the 30's that Lucien Montchovet, who was a wine worker, bought his first vineyard in Pommard. He was taking care of it besides his work with his wife. Some years later, they aspired to more independence so they bought other vines and they move to Nantoux. With some fields they became self sufficient.

With Geneviève, Julien took over his father's estate at the beginning of the 60's, they stoped farming to focus on the wine cultivation and started to sell wine in bottles which was still rare at the time for an estate of this size.

In 1987 it was Eric turn, his son, to take the lead of the domain after few years of oenology studies. He acquire some plots of vine in Beaune, Monthélie, Volnay and Puligny-Montrachet. Aware of the ecological problems, he implement very early a responsible vine-growing.

Since 2016 the fourth generation arrived the familial estate. After having working in the industrial sector, Pierre decided to go back to school in Beaune where he learned vine-growing and oenologie. He made some experience in other wine estates to finally join his parents and perpetuate the family adventure.



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