Our Savoir Faire

" Each steps matters and gives its contribution to the elaboration of a great wine "
I  In the Cellar  I

We seek to produce wine which are the reflect of their terroir and their climate. No excessive interventions or too technical, just the essential to let the wine exprime by itself and to get the most out of his potential.

« Combine structure and delicacy, find the balance while respecting the traits of the terroir« 

To observe, to taste, parcel after parcel to choose the most optimal moment of harvest.

Harvest is the last step of the grapes making, the choice of its date is important to allready orientate the profile of the future wine.

After a hand picking, grapes are sorted and put in thermoregulated vats which can permit firstly to extract more color by colding them and later at the end of the fermentation to warm up the vat to encourage extraction of tannins.

The fermentation starts naturaly, the only interventions made are juice pumping over and treading.

Then wines are racked with gravity in the underground cellar, this is the last step of the vinification and the first of the maturing. Like the vines, wine is getting into rest at the fall and it's only at the spring when the vegetation wakes up that the wine will resume its activity with the completion of the malolactic fermentation.

"Alone in the vegetable kingdom, the vine makes the true savor of the earth intelligible to man "


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